Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hair Hero

I came to a very special realization today: 
I am a hero.

Not just any old hero, though. I am a Hair Hero. 

Ever since I got my hair at the beginning of this month, I've been receiving non-stop positive feedback about it. But mixed in with the usual, "Ohmygosh your hair is so cute!" types of comments, I also have heard quite a few things that I think are kind of silly, such as:

"I'd never be able to cut my hair that short!"
"I wish I had the courage to do that to my hair!"
"Were you so scared when you got it cut? I'd be scared."
"You are so brave!"

Really? I'm brave? For cutting my hair? 

But whatever. I'll go with it. Which is why I've decided that since I am so brave and courageous, I must be a hero. A Hair Hero. 

I haven't always been a Hair Hero, though. Let's take a visual tour through my journey to heroicness. 

February 2012 was a low point in my hair journey. Unaware of my potential for heroism, I clung to my long, heavy locks despite their negative effects on my face shape, giving me the dreaded 'Cocker Spaniel Hair'. Cocker Spaniel hair is not hero hair.

In March I began to recognize that it was my hair that was holding me back in life. I got a few inches cut off, had everything thinned out, and added some whispy layers. 

Encouraged by the feedback from my snip-snip in March, I took things a step further in September when I went for the classic bob. Also around this time I discovered the joys of lipstick, which I then employed far too often in far too large of doses. 

In early 2013, I hit a bump in the road. I became distracted from my quest towards heroism for the worst possible reason: 
A Boy

This boy hinted on several occasions that he preferred longer hair. Foolishly, I deserted my mission for hair glory and started to let it grow once again. 

(Peanut Gallery: "Boooooo.")

When Boy took off, I was left with a headful of very un-heroic hairs. Lesson Learned: Never let a boy stand between you and being a Hair Hero. I only waited 2 days after the break up to call and make my hair appointment. 

It was at this point in my journey that I was assisted by my Hair Master, Maria Fuentes at Vanity Junkie. I told Maria that I wanted my hair short and I didn't really care what it looked like, it just had to go. 

The response to this particular haircut was resoundingly positive. For the first time in my life, I was having random strangers go our of their way to compliment my hair. "I'm onto something here," I thought to myself. But I wasn't quite there yet. One more step had to be taken before I could finally be the Hair Hero I was always meant to be. 

For the finishing touches on my Hero Hair, I went back to Maria and told her I wanted the same as before, but more extreme. I wanted it even shorter on one side and even longer on the other, and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Super short on 3 sides with a long, heroic section on my left.

At first I was uncertain. Have I gone to far? I asked myself. But I hadn't even made it home from the salon, when I passed a lady on the sidewalk that quieted all my concerns.
"I like your hair!"

And thus, my transformation into a Hair Hero was complete.

There is no doubt in my mind that someday I'll look back at pictures of this haircut and be like...
... but that's just part of what makes it so fun, right? I'm sure Superman looks at pictures of himself when he was younger and questions why he thought a bright blue full-body spandex suit and red undies were a good idea.

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